This book features a comprehensive look at all aspects of human anatomy

The Introduction to the Human Body 10th Edition is the latest edition of the text produced by Wiley Publishing. This textbook features a comprehensive look at all aspects of human anatomy and physiology. Subjects include an overview of histology, cell anatomy, regulation of homeostasis, as well as the anatomy and physiology of body systems. The Introduction to the Human Body 10th Edition has been rigorously edited to ensure that the latest anatomical nomenclature has been used and the physiology is up to date. Areas that were unclear or lacking in information have been improved. Areas of improvement in include clearer explanations of the body’s buffer systems and its role in disease. New material includes the latest information on epiphyseal plates in bone growth, cryolipolysis in the treatment of fat deposition disorders, and the regulation of breathing rate. Side bars and vivid, engaging pictures help the student grasp difficult information more effectively while remaining engaged in the text. The chapter concerning the heart has also been overhauled to present information in a clearer manner. All pictures of the heart anatomy have been edited to be clearer and more detailed.

The Introduction to the Human Body 10th Edition is also quite affordable. The text is available in either paperback or hardcover for those students who require more durability in a textbook. The textbook is also available as an electronic version at almost half the price. This may be easily downloaded to a tablet or computer, allowing the student to unlimited access to the text. The online text may even be annotated and highlighted like a normal textbook. For those who want to save paper as well as some money, the electronic text is an extremely convenient,efficient, and affordable option.

The most exciting aspect of Introduction to the Human Body 10th Edition Tortora is the access to supplemental learning tools provided by Wiley. Purchase of the textbook includes unlimited student access to the WileyPLUS Learning Space online. On this learning site students can review textbook summaries, create personalized study plans, and reinforce concepts presented by the text. Included in WileyPLUS is access to practice questions that help the student identify strengths and weaknesses in their knowledge base. This helps the student to more effectively shape their study habits around information that may require more attention. The final advantage to WileyPLUS is access to an online anatomy database that allows the student to review the anatomy of the entire body from the comfort of their own classroom. This program provides vital information for schools that do not have access to cadavers or effective models.
Introduction to the Human Body 10th Edition is one of the most exciting new anatomy and physiology textbooks on the market today. Its attention to detail, clarity of presentation, and access to online supplementary material make it without a doubt one of the best ways for students to effectively learn the anatomy and physiology of the human body. This latest edition by Wiley is a must-have for any introductory anatomy and physiology course that wants to ensure the success of their students.