When looking to study engineering there are a number of textbooks


Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics is in its 7th Edition and has been helping train engineers in mechanic principles for over 60 years. Its help engineers develop problem solving skills related to design context and emphasises drawing free body diagrams. Many engineers use it as a reference well into their career. Wiley’s e-text is less expensive and comes with many more advantages than the printed text alone. The e-text allows students access any time, any where on smart phones, tablets and desk top computers. It can be use off line as well. It is easier to search for specific topics, highlight important points and take notes. With Wiley PLUS, student have online access to course material, online homework, multimedia study tools and is allow to print important pages or topics. Students can also track their progress, compare their progress with others in the class and it makes studying more multi-layered and comprehensive. Students are better able to grasp complex concepts and maximise their study time, results and test scores.

Engineering Mechanics Dynamics 7th Edition Meriam has been rewritten with updated prose for greater clarity, new problems to expand knowledge in application, a clearer and greater emphasis on drawing free body diagram and WileyPLUS includes a collection of practice tests and tutorials to help students work through complicated questions in a step by step process. Students are given assistance and instantaneous feedback to increase their study success. The text has provided the accuracy, clarity, and rigor for engineering students to achieve comprehensive knowledge from the discussions the variety of problems presented as well as guidance for understanding how drawing free body diagrams is an important skill to solving mechanics problems. The text continues its tradition of excellence establish in 1952 in its coverage of mechanics theory.

WileyPLUS Learning Space is available for Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, 7th Edition SI Version Meriam to students where it is a required resource for the course. This research based online learning environment has been proven as an effective teaching and learning tool. Be sure to check your computer and web browser to ensure that it has the required space and a compatible browser. Also check with your school or institution before buying to ensure that WileyPLUS is available to you. You are sure to get ahead and comprehend greatly using the interactive online textbook and study tools.

With Dr. James L. Meriam first publication of Engineering Mechanics Dynamics 7th Edition Meriam in 1951, it was considered a revolutionary transformation in undergraduate mechanics education because of its logical organization, clear and rigorous presentation of theory, presentation of a rich collection of real life problems and instructive sample problems. It is now the international standard for texts for undergraduate mechanics. Dr. L. Glenn Kraige, co author of the text, has help to ensure that the excellence of this text book has been brought forward and responsible, in part, for the global impact of Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics on several generations of engineers. Students can continue to have an impact through the knowledge gained through this text and be assisted in grasping, comprehending and applying this knowledge into future design and problem solving projects. This text is the go-to text for future engineers, and Wiley E-Text and WileyPlus Learning Space allows students to gain greater confidence and better understanding.